Dr. Patricia Clugston Memorial Award For Excellence in Teaching

The Resident Doctors of BC Dr. Patricia Clugston Memorial Award For Excellence in Teaching is to recognize a Clinical Faculty for his or her contributions to the continuing medical education of Residents. The award will be presented annually to a physician who has shown outstanding initiative in the following areas:

  • Patient care: clinical excellence; ability to relate to and appreciate patient needs, and concerns; ability to deliver clear and relevant patient education
  • Bedside teaching: teaching at a high academic level while concurrently respecting both patient and trainee
  • Didactic teaching: involvement in academic half days and teaching rounds; up to date medical knowledge and appropriate usage of literatures and references; inter active teaching techniques
  • Commitment to the evaluation process including preparing residents for their certification examinations
  • Interest in trainee's personal development and well being
  • Team approach: ability to interact with other health care professionals Commitment to the philosophy of education and medicine

2013 - Dr. Michelle Linekin, Family Medicine, Clinical Assistant Professor

2012 - Dr. Rajiv Reebye, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Clinical Assistant Professor

2011 – Dr. Jonathan Fleming, Psychiatry, Associate Head – Education

2010 - Dr. Philip Teal, Neurology Faculty Member

2009 – Dr. Robin Love, Family Practice,  Nanaimo Regional General Hospital

2007/2008 – Dr. Hamed Umedaly, Department of Anesthesiology, Vancouver Hospital

2006 – Dr. Theo Van Rijn, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Vancouver Acute

2005 - Dr. Ramesh Lokanthan, General Surgery / Vascular Surgery, Prince George

2004 – Dr. Jane Buxton, Community Medicine, Vancouver

2003 – Dr. Peter Tsang, Hematology, Vancouver Hospital

2002 – Dr. Patricia Clugston, Plastic Surgery, Vancouver Hospital, UBC Site

2001 – Dr. Ken Gin, Department of Cardiology, Vancouver Hospital

2000 – Dr. Joseph Connors, Department of Medical Oncology, B.C. Cancer Agency

1999 – Dr. Jeff Beckman, Neurology – Vancouver Hospital

1999 – Dr. Richard Crawford, Pathology/Dermatology – St. Paul's Hospital

1998 – Dr. Michael Bebbington, Maternal Fetal Medicine, BC Women's Hospital

1998 – Dr. Zenon Cieslak, Pediatrician, Royal Columbian Hospital

1996 – Dr. P. Terry Phang, General Surgeon, St. Paul's Hospital

1995 – Dr. Hugh Chaun, Gastroenterologist, St. Paul's Hospital

1994 – Dr. Howard Stein, Rheumatologist, St. Paul's Hospital

1993 – Dr. Karen Gelmon, Medical Oncologist, BC Cancer Agency

1993 – Dr. Barry Kassen, Internist, Vancouver General Hospital

1992 – Dr. James Stockdill, Family Practitioner, Greater Victoria Hospital Society

1991 – Dr. Graham C. Pate, Orthopedic Surgeon, Royal Columbian Hospital

1990 – Dr. Penny Ballem, Hematologist, Grace Hospital

1989 – Dr. David Burdge, Internist, University Hospital, Shaughnessy Site 1988 – Dr. F. Wilt, Psychiatrist, UBC Hospital

1987 – Dr. J. Ruedy, Internist, St. Paul's Hospital

1986 – Dr. V. Huckell, Cardiologist, Vancouver General Hospital

1985 – Dr. H. Nichol, Child Psychiatrist, Vancouver General Hospital

1984 – Dr. S. C. Naiman, Hematopathologist, Vancouver General Hospital